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Virgin BIO Coconut Oil

INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil

CAS # 8001-31-8 
EC # 232-282-8 
This oil is certified in origin Virgin BIO. It is a high purity and oil comes from organic farming.
The virgin coconut oil is obtained from pressed coconut pulp cold, without any other physical or chemical process. All that is done to the virgin coconut oil is filtering it to prevent chunks of flesh that have not been well pressed sneaking process. When coconut oil is thus obtained is called "virgin coconut oil" preserves all its beneficial properties and is suitable for all uses. Ultimately, Virgin Coconut Oil can be used for cosmetic purposes in the skin, hair, massage, etc.
Undoubtedly, this oil has been used in the manufacture of cosmetic products for many years, for its antimicrobial properties, is a great preservative for cosmetic compounds, but beyond its conservation function, is used as base oil to prepare everything type formulas. Furthermore, in cosmetics applied to the skin, the properties of Coconut Oil contribute greatly to the care of the skin, forming an antimicrobial barrier that protects the entire surface on which is applied a product formulated with Coconut Oil for hours.
The virgin coconut oil is one of the most effective treatments for a variety of applications capillaries, repairs damaged hair, either by heat or by any other method, dry hair or other hair related problem. Your property as a fungicide agent will immediately becomes a dandruff treatment ideal, both to eliminate as to prevent maintaining a radiant hair with a healthy scalp when used routinely in the care of our hair, one to four times a month . The virgin coconut oil works well reconstituting damaged hair because its molecular structure, unlike other vegetable oils or moisturizers that are left on the surface of the hair, makes it possible to penetrate the hair shaft past the cuticle, repairing and preventing damage from the inside out. The lauric acid and capric acid found in coconut oil help restructure hair, increase its strength by preventing protein loss and, above all, providing a spectacular natural shine and bounce that make it easier to deal with a significant decrease tangles, breakage and weak points.
It can be used on any type of cosmetic intended to repair, moisturize and protect the skin or hair.
Ideal in soaps, da moisturizers, soaps and sparkling hard
It is an oil well that is not rancid easily.

Technical Data Sheet


Business Name: extra virgin coconut oil.
Ingredients: Coconut oil 100%.
Origin: Sri Lanka - Filipinas - Indonesia
Certifications: Certification BIO by the European corporation Bureau Veritas Certification.
Applications: Cosmetics, personal care and detergent.
Product description: Extra Virgin Coconut oil, extracted by cold pressing of fresh coconut pulp. No use of chemicals or heat. Displays a white solid. It has not been deodorised or bleached. Soft scent of coconut Coming from organic farming
Physical Analysis:
• Melting Point: 22-26 degrees Celsius.
• Moisture and impurities: <0.05
• Specific gravity: 0.918 gr / l.
Microbiological analysis: PH 5.89
• Parameter Result Maximum Limits
• Escherichia coli (PNT NºMA-20) Absence / g Absence / g or ml
• Staphylococcus aureus (PNT No. MA-20) Absence / g Absence / g or ml
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PNT No. MA-20) Absence / g Absence / g or ml
• Candida albicans (PNT No. MA-20) Absence / g Absence / g or ml
• vials aerobic microorganisms count <10 cfu / g <103 cfu / g or ml
• Count plate molds and yeasts <10 cfu / g <103 cfu / g or ml
• Count on aerobic bacterial plaque <10 cfu / g <103 cfu / g or ml
• Taste / Smell: Satisfactory.
• Shelf Life: 36 months is the ideal time of consumption. Maximum 60 months.
Industrial package sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 200 liters of food grade plastic

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