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Fractionated Coconut Oil - ECOCERT

INCI: Caprylic/capric Triglyceride

CAS No.: 73398-61-5 / 65381-09-1

EINECS / ELINCS No: 277-452-2 / 265-724-3

Fractionated coconut oil is the result of a process parallel to the extraction of virgin coconut, whereby only a portion of the coconut oil has saturated fat and the long chain of triglycerides is removed. This process allows it to have a long shelf life. It can be fully or partially hydrogenated to increase its melting point at warm temperatures. This process can produce trans fats.

Our Fractionated Coconut Oil acts as an emollient, skin conditioner, and solvent. It shows high oxidation stability, and allows easy handling and cold processing. It shows skin softening properties, excellent spreadability, breathability and good skin absorption. Fractionated coconut oil is used in multi-purpose skin care creams and lotions, baby oils, massage oils, color cosmetics, and sun care products.

Fractionated coconut oil is colorless, composed mainly of capric and caprylic acids, low viscosity, soluble with other oils and widely used as a carrier oil for essential oils and in massages as it is very light, emollient and non-soothing. clogs the pores.

Because it is very light and non-greasy, fractionated coconut oil is used in the preparation of soaps, lotions, creams and other cosmetics, as it is a carrier oil and facilitates the absorption of other oils, essential oils and extracts.

Uses and properties:

  • Cosmetic products: It is widely used in the preparation of soaps, lotions, ointments and other cosmetics.
  • Aromatherapy: It is used as a carrier oil, as it facilitates the absorption of other oils and herbal extracts.
  • Medicines: It is used due to its antiseptic and disinfectant properties.
  • Hair Care: It is also used in a number of hair care applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • It is an emollient of medium polarity.
  • High stability against oxidation.
  • Liquid at 0°C, allowing easy handling and cold processing.
  • Excellent spreadability on the skin and good dermal absorption, leading to light textures.
  • Allows the skin to breathe.
  • Alternative to mineral oil.
  • Improves penetration, provides excellent emolliency and shows skin softening properties.
  • Very good compatibility with other cosmetic ingredients.
  • Vegetable derived.
  • Ecocert compliant.

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