Evening Primrose Oil Virgin Organic Bio 1 st P


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Evening Primrose Oil Virgin Organic Bio 1 st pressure

INCI Oenothera Biennis oil

CAS : 90028-66-3 

EINECS: 289-859-2 

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of a flower, also known as evening primrose, native to North America and England. It belongs to the order of mirtifloráceas family of Onagraceae, the genre Oenotherae, and used two types: Oenothera biennis and Oenothera Lamarckian.
Primrose plant and its seeds have been used by American Indians for centuries. They used the plant as a tea in hot water to heal wounds, skin problems and other ailments.

Obtained from the cold pressing of the seeds. It is rapidly absorbed. Long time rancid. Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Slows aging. It stimulates blood circulation. Regenerator. Antiinflammatory

One of the most effective ways to use the properties of evening primrose oil is using his body and face shapes. To do this, simply extend it by wetting the skin before a hydrolate as natural tonic
Evening primrose oil is one of the most appropriate treatment in the daily hydration and nutrition of mature skin. It is ideal for keeping wrinkles at bay.

Besides its undeniable nutritional value, evening primrose oil has anti-aging properties of the epidermal tissues, as promotes regeneration of cell growth, revitalizing the aged cells, giving greater vitality and better elasticity, helping to maintain the natural softness and smoothness of a skin young. Evening primrose oil has long been used for treating common skin, and there is evidence that may be effective against acne, rosacea and eczema. It is thought that the GLA in evening primrose oil helps control inflammation and itching and redness often associated with these common skin disorders.

Psoriasis: Due to its anti-inflammatory effect increasing circulation to the skin level applied to the psoriasis lesion reduces the burning and itching.

Eczema: For external use, evening primrose oil is used to treat eczema, especially atopic eczema, chronic disease associated with allergy problems that attacks the skin providing a texture like leather. Your application for 3 or 4 months is very positive to reduce itching, dryness and prevent scaly skin so easily. Is an alternative treatment to steroids and topical immunomodulators.

Acne: its topical application also reduces blackheads, pimples and acne inflammations in general. This property results from the ability of the oil to dilute the accumulation of fat in the skin pores, which locking prevents these defects and it appear that characterize acne.

Dry skin: The ability of omega-6 to retain moisture in the skin is very suitable in the treatment of dry skin

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