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INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis leaf water.

CAS: 8000-25-7/ 84604-14-8. 
EINECS: 283-291-9. 

The botanical name is Rosemarinus rosemary, and this is because it is a shrub that commonly grows in coastal areas. The water from this plant is obtained by distillation from the leaves and flowers, widely used in various medical and cosmetic treatments. 
This plant is used as an antioxidant for the skin, promotes healthy hair growth, prevents loss reinforces and clarifies or brown. 
It is also recommended for the lips, and rosemary can make homemade lotions and tonics cosmetic beauty sector. 
Rosemary is widely used in cosmetic anti-aging creams, it is an excellent antioxidant. 
Some components, such as rosmarinic acid, promote the formation of new cells. 
It is a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, healing, refreshing and astringent. 
This hidrolato poured into a tub of warm water, is often used to strengthen and refresh to people recovering from illness. Similarly, they will perform their benefits in the body skin and complexion, for its diuretic attributes reduce inflammation, its healing properties improve the overall look, and also help fight cellulite.

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