Hydrolate marjoram.


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Bio hydrolate marjoram.

INCI:Thymus Mastichina water  

CAS: 8016-33-9 

EC Nº: 284-294-8 


Marjoram properties for skin, benefits and interesting virtues in natural skin care when applied on oily and combination skin.

Marjoram is a plant that may be highly suitable in the natural skin care,

It stands out for its antiseptic virtues, naturally helping in preventing infections in cuts and wounds and to disinfect the skin naturally.

It is particularly suitable for combination and oily skin, so it is an excellent time to eliminate pimples, because it can be applied on skin blemishes and pimples option.

They emphasize its soothing benefits, being useful in case of irritation and also in relieving injuries, such as muscle aches or sprains ankle.

It can help positively to relieve stress, anxiety and nervousness, so to enjoy these qualities is best to apply a few drops of marjoram in the hot bath.

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