Myrrh tincture


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Myrrh tincture 

INCI: Alcohol, Aqua, Commiphora Myrrha Resin 

CAS Nº:64-17-5,7732-18-5,9000-45-7 

EINECS Nº: 200-578-6, 231-791-2,232-543-6 

Both from a medical point of view as from a cosmetic point of view, the extract or tincture which are extracted from the bark and the resin commonly used African bush. Although often used for flavoring rooms and stays due to its characteristic aroma of wood in the form of incense. 
With respect to the various benefits of myrrh to the skin, it is antiseptic dye strengths, so naturally helps in reducing the possibility of infection in wounds and cuts. 
Also known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, being ideal in lowering skin inflammation, while for its antimicrobial properties is useful in the treatment of boils and sores. 
The myrrh extract is also useful for performing friction thanks to calming the skin and helps to relax her. 
Often used in anti-aging creams, by virtue of relaxing the skin giving it a youthful and healthy appearance. 
Very useful as a fixative for fragrances.

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