Lotus Pure Powder Extract

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Lotus Pure Powder Extract

INCI: Nelumbo nucifera seed extract powder
Cosmetic Degree
Origin: India
Composition: Lotus Seed Powder.

Lotus seed powder has great properties, including its astringent power, helps to reduce excess fat leaving a soft and radiant skin.

Active: flavonoids, saponins, phenols, alkaloids.

Indicated for all skin types, it acts giving shine to matte or dull skin. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

Modes of Use:
- Paste or poultice.
- In aqueous maceration (or infusion), incorporated in the liquid phase of the manufacture of natural cosmetics such as:
Or astringent lotion
Or exfoliating skin exfoliant
Or in soft creams.
- In oily maceration, it is ideal for a gentle massage oil.
- Putting a little dust in the bath water, you get a soothing bath that helps to fall asleep.

- Irritant dust, do not use near a source of ventilation.
- Avoid contact with eyes. In this case, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- This powder is very active, we advise you to always do an elbow sensitivity test 24 hours before the application.
- If you feel a tingling or warming sensation, you should stop the application and rinse with clean water repeatedly until all the dust disappears.



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