Wheat Germ Oil

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Wheat Germ Oil

INCI: Triticum vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil

CAS# 68917-73-7 / 8006-95-9

Wheat germ oil is a true luxury for natural cosmetics and handmade soaps. This vegetable oil, obtained from the germ of the wheat seed, is rich in a variety of beneficial nutrients for the human body. Among them are vitamin E, minerals, carbohydrates and easily assimilated proteins.

In addition, it contains small amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are essential for the health of the body. But what makes wheat germ oil so special is its antioxidant properties, thanks to the vitamin E it contains. This vitamin protects the body from free radicals, which can cause premature aging.

Our wheat germ oil is a refined vegetable oil that is extracted from the germ of the wheat seed, which only represents 2-3% of the weight of the seed. It is a natural source of vitamin E and high levels of unsaponifiable fraction, making it a powerful natural antioxidant.

Its composition in essential fatty acids favors cell regeneration and makes it an essential ingredient for skin health. In fact, it is especially rich in octacosanol, a long-chain saturated primary alcohol found in various vegetable waxes. This compound has been studied as an exercise and performance enhancing agent.

Wheat germ oil is considered the most important source of vitamin E, which is found in an amount between 300-450 mg/100 g. It also contains essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, provitamin A, vitamin F, and stearin. Its embryonic origin results in its high content of biologically active substances.

In cosmetics, wheat germ oil is a very popular ingredient due to its moisturizing properties and its ability to prevent the appearance of expression lines. It can be used to remove make-up and as a base for the preparation of moisturizing creams and lotions for the skin.

In short, wheat germ oil is a real gem for health and beauty. Its beneficial nutrients for the body, its antioxidant power and its ability to improve skin health will make it an essential ingredient for anyone looking for a healthy life and a radiant appearance.

Other properties of wheat germ oil:

• Softens the skin, hydrating it and giving it greater elasticity.
• Prevents the formation of stretch marks.
• Nourishes and invigorates hair and is excellent for fighting dandruff.

It is made up of 100% vegetable oil from Triticum vulgare.
Free of nanomaterials.
BSE/TSE free
Does not contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids or are present at undetectable levels.
Origin Spain

Practically insoluble in water and in 96% ethanol, miscible with petroleum ether (40–60 ºC).

Appearance Transparent and bright yellow oil
Acidity 0.000 - 0.500 mgKOH
Unsaponifiable matter <= 5%
Peroxide Value 0.000 - 10.000 meq O2
Relative Density Approx 0.925 g
Refractive index Approx 1,475
Alkaline Impurities Absence
Brassicasterol <= 0.3%
Water <= 0.1%
Palmitic Acid 14,000 - 19,000 %
Stearic Acid 0.000 - 2.000 %
Oleic Acid 12,000 - 23,000 %
Linoleic Acid 52,000 - 59,000 %
Linolenic Acid 3,000 - 10,000 %
Gadoleic Acid 0.000 - 2.000 %
Iodine Index 115 – 140
Saponification Index 180 – 200

Under normal use conditions and in its original form, the product does not have any other negative effects on health and the environment.
Incompatibility with oxidizing agents.
It is thermolabile and easily oxidized.
Not suitable for food use

Topical route:
- 0.5 – 5% in oils, creams, or milk,
- 100% for nipple cracks.

Store in a cool, dark place, away from light. Store at a temperature not exceeding 30ºC

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