Flower Dauvel Fragrance


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Flower Dauvel Fragrance

INCI: Perfume

IDENTIFICATION: Perfume, mixture of aromatic substances of natural and/or synthetic origin.
APPEARANCE: Oily liquid.
COLOUR: Pale yellow to pink
SMELL: Floral, Carnation, Amber, Powdery
SOLUBILITY: Good in alcohol.
DENSITY (g/ml): 1.001

Inspired by a thriving garden with roses, lilies and carnations on a powdery background, it is the perfect scent that symbolizes spring.
It is designed to celebrate the delicacy, vitality and diversity of flowers. A full-fledged floral and spring fragrance that pays homage to love, childhood and innocence

This fragrance is made up of a mixture of a certain number of chemical components, some of synthetic origin, and others of natural origin. The final result is a dermatologically tested liquid, and suitable for use on the skin. The formulation of this fragrance is carefully made, making it safe and totally suitable for use in soaps and cosmetics.

Storage in hermetically sealed containers, in a cool and dry place, protected from light and humidity.
Store at: 20ºC. After 24 months of storage, the quality of the product should be controlled before use.

Recommended Usage Rates:
Soaps: between 2 and 3%
Cosmetics: between 0.5 and 1%
This fragrance accelerates the trace of soap

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