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Kit micas 25 colors

In 10 g format of each one.

Micas kit with 25 colors. We offer you the best quality in micas for you to use in natural cosmetics and handmade soaps. Our cosmetic micas are of high quality, ideal for decorating and coloring soaps, creams, gels, lotions, milks, balms, eye shadows and lip glosses.

They are 100% stable in alkaline media and very easy to use, since they do not require any type of dilution, being able to use them directly in the trace of soaps or in creams and other cosmetics.

Natural in their composition, since they are composed of mica and mineral oxides, they also provide a beautiful aesthetic, the properties of these ingredients on the skin.

Beat and mix by hand, do not use a mixer.

KUL Bronze Mica
GLAWAR Gold Mica
Pearl MIR Mica
Silver TIN Mica
Yellow SMAL Mica
PHALAS Blue Mica
SYAL Blue Mica
SWES Blue Mica
MELWASUL Violet Mica
RUS Violet Mica
Mica Rosa LAP
KARAN Pink Mica
GWEN Green Mica
LAYAK Green Mica
TAWAR Green Mica
KUL Orange Mica
Pink PIN Mica
Black MOR Mica
Brown NAR Mica
Pink POP Mica
FUIN Blue Mica
Red CURU Mica
DOVEL Red Mica
ELWE Green Mica
LISSE Violet Mica

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Precio con IVA incluido

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