ORGLAMIC™Celery Juice Serum-in-Oil Emulsion


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ORGLAMIC™ Celery Juice Serum-in-Oil Emulsion

Celery Juice has a devoted following all over the world. Millions of people who drink it swear it's the secret to clear, glowing skin. If this extraordinary vegetable juice is one of the most powerful and healing elixirs we can drink, why not translate it into the ultimate skincare product? Starskin has put on and developed the world's first total celery juice based skin care treatment.

This oil-emulsified serum is a revolutionary all-in-one treatment that unites the repair of an oil with the power of a dispersed serum in a moisture-locking seal. Lightweight formula contains 50% pure celery juice and radish seed extract, rich in vitamins A, C, K and packed with amino acids and minerals, to help fight free radicals and naturally purify for a healthy complexion and clear. Packed with natural active ingredients such as nettle leaf, aubergine and elderflower, this concentrated treatment gives the skin a boost of hydration, nutrition and vitamins.

Key benefits

  • Celery juice acts as a strong natural purifier and is super restorative and soothing
  • Celery is packed with minerals and amino acids, and is rich in anti-inflammatory vitamins A, C, and K.
  • Celery works in skin care to achieve healthy skin, clear complexion
  • All-in-one treatment that unites the repair of an oil with the power of a serum
  • Lightweight formula contains 50% pure celery juice and extract

Dimensions: 0x57x120
Net weight: 50g

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