Himalayan Crystal Salt


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Himalayan Crystal Salt

Physical and chemical properties
Color pinkish
Odorless odor

The Himalayan crystallized salt, a part of sodium chloride containing salt contains other minerals. There are reports that speak of the existence of 84 elements. It has been found mainly containing sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur oxide, iron, manganese, fluorine, iodine, zinc, chromium, copper, cobalt and gold chloride.

Origin: Pakistan
It is obtained by the dry operation of the gems of salt: salt gems of primitive sea solidified partially lie beneath the surface. The salt is obtained through mining of salt, as is the case of plants Himalayan salt, the salt is extracted donce manually without using explosives.

External applications

- Salt baths: today for salt baths concentrations ranging from 1% to 8% are used. The duration of the bath should start with 5 or 10 minutes can be extended to at most 20 minutes, never. The water temperature should not exceed 38 °. If applied at home, they should be reduced to two per week. After the bath, you have to cover her well and rest in bed for an hour. For this type of bath should always use Himalayan crystal salts, never salt with chemicals or artificial components. For a 120 liter bath, it takes 1.2 Kg. Of salt to obtain a 1% solution. These baths are recommended to improve skin, joint and rheumatic problems, besides having a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating effect of energy.

- Washing with salt: for washing the nose, throat and eyes an isotonic solution of 0.9% is used. For this 9g of salt dissolved in one liter of warm water. Eye washes are performed with the call eye cup, a small glass or plastic container. Nose washes are performed with warm isotonic solution, aided by a nasal lota. This solution is also suitable for gargling.

- Washing with lota
Frictions, poultices and compresses salt: used for skin problems, bruises and muscle aches.

- Cosmetics salt: we can find different hygiene products and cosmetics with Himalayan salt. One way to provide the properties of this salt to our skin.


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