Hydrolyzed keratin powder


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Hydrolyzed keratin powder

INCI: Hydrolyzed Keratin

CAS: 69430-36-0 

EINECS: 274-00-1

Description: Keratins, hydrolysates. A biological material consisting predominantly of partially hydrolyzed keratin.
Appearance: White to light yellow powder
Characteristic smell
Protein Richness: >=90%
Amino acid richness: > 80%
pH: 5,000 - 7,500
Compacted Density >= 0.20 g/ml
Particle Size 120 MESH
Loss on Drying 0.000 - 7.000 %
Ashes 0,000 - 5,000 %
Solubility: Very soluble in water
Heavy Metals =< 10 ppm

- Origin: animal - Not suitable for vegans
- Use: Human, animal and cosmetic food.
- GMO-free product in accordance with Reg. (CE) 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.
- Allergen-free product in accordance with Reg. (EU) No. 1169/2011.
- Product free of BSE/TSE in accordance with Dir.CE 99/742 and CE97/534.
- Product not treated with nanomaterial technology in accordance with Reg. (EU) 1169/2011.
- Product NOT irradiated according to EU Dir. Nº 1999/2/CE.
- Product free of contaminants according to (EU) Reg. 1881/2006 and Nº629/2008.
- Product free of pesticides according to (EU) Reg. Nº 396/2005.
- Product free of residual solvents in accordance with Dir. 2009/32/EC and 2010/59/UE.
- Does not contain prohormones or anabolic substances.
- Does not contain doping substances.
- Meets: Manufacturer's specifications.

1. What is Hydrolyzed Keratin?

Hydrolyzed keratin is a biological material consisting predominantly of partially decomposed keratin. This protein is obtained from animal sources and undergoes a hydrolysis process, which consists of breaking down the protein molecules into smaller fragments. The result is a white to light yellow powder, with a characteristic odor and a protein richness greater than 90%. In addition, it contains more than 80% amino acids, which makes it a valuable component in natural cosmetics.


2. Benefits of Hydrolyzed Keratin for Skin and Hair

Hydrolyzed Keratin is a true gem for skin and hair care when used topically. Its benefits are numerous and remarkable, and below we will describe how this wonderful protein can improve both the health of the skin and the vitality of the hair.

Benefits of Hydrolyzed Keratin for the Skin:

a) Deep Hydration: Hydrolyzed keratin has the ability to retain moisture in the skin, which helps keep it hydrated and soft. It is especially beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin.

b) Strengthening and Elasticity: Being a structural protein, keratin contributes to strengthening the skin and improving its elasticity, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

c) Cell Regeneration: Hydrolyzed keratin stimulates cell regeneration, which promotes younger and more radiant skin. It can be beneficial in addressing scarring and acne scarring issues.

Benefits of Hydrolyzed Keratin for Hair:

a) Damage Repair: Hydrolyzed keratin penetrates the hair structure and helps repair damaged hair fibers, reducing the appearance of split ends and hair breakage.

b) Increased Elasticity: As in the skin, keratin provides elasticity to the hair, which results in more manageable hair and less prone to breakage.

c) Shine and Smoothness: The use of hydrolyzed keratin in the hair can provide a healthy shine and smooth texture, improving the overall appearance of the hair.


3. Who can benefit from using Hydrolyzed Keratin?

Hydrolyzed Keratin is suitable for a wide range of skin and hair types, making it a versatile and effective ingredient in natural cosmetics. Next, we will present a list of different skin and hair types and how they benefit from using hydrolyzed keratin.

Skin Types and their Benefits with Hydrolyzed Keratin:

1. Dry Skin: Hydrolyzed keratin provides deep hydration and helps restore the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss and leaving skin soft and supple.
2. Oily Skin: Contrary to what one might think, hydrolyzed keratin does not add additional fat to the skin, but rather helps it stay balanced and less prone to excessive sebum production.
3. Sensitive Skin: Hydrolyzed keratin has softening and soothing properties that can help relieve irritation and inflammation in sensitive skin.
4. Mature Skin: For mature skin, hydrolyzed keratin can be especially beneficial due to its ability to stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity.

Hair Types and their Benefits with Hydrolyzed Keratin:

1. Dry and Damaged Hair: Hydrolyzed keratin penetrates the hair and helps repair damaged areas, restoring its health and shine.
2. Fine and Weakened Hair: By strengthening the hair fibers, hydrolyzed keratin provides volume and resistance to fine and weakened hair.
3. Curly or frizzy hair: Hydrolyzed keratin can help control frizz and smooth curls, leaving hair more manageable and defined.
4. Colored or Chemically Treated Hair: Hydrolyzed keratin helps restore vitality to chemically treated hair, maintaining its shine and reducing damage caused by treatments.


4. Cosmetic Products with Hydrolyzed Keratin and Dosage

Hydrolyzed keratin is a valuable ingredient in the preparation of various homemade cosmetic products. Here are some of the most common products you can make and the recommended doses of hydrolyzed keratin for each one.

Body Products:

a) Moisturizing Lotions and Creams: You can add hydrolyzed keratin in a proportion of 1% to 3% in the aqueous phase of the formulation.

b) Bath Gels: A concentration of hydrolyzed keratin from 0.5% to 2% in the formulation is recommended.

Face Products:

a) Facial Serums: You can add hydrolyzed keratin in a proportion of 1% to 2% in the aqueous phase of the serum.

b) Facial Masks: A 1% to 3% hydrolyzed keratin concentration is suggested in the mask mixture.

Hair products:

a) Conditioners: Add hydrolyzed keratin in a proportion of 2% to 5% in the conditioner formulation.

b) Hair Masks: A concentration of 2% to 5% hydrolyzed keratin is recommended in the hair mask mixture.


5. Other Cosmetic Actives that Combine with Hydrolyzed Keratin

Hydrolyzed keratin can be further enhanced when combined with other cosmetic active ingredients. Here are three examples of active ingredients that complement the benefits of hydrolyzed keratin:

1.Hydrolyzed Collagen: When combined with hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen helps improve skin firmness and elasticity, providing a rejuvenating effect.
2. Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid in synergy with hydrolyzed keratin provides deep and long-lasting hydration to the skin, keeping it soft and supple.
3. Coconut Oil: Nutrient-rich coconut oil complements the conditioning action of hydrolyzed keratin on hair, providing softness and shine.

In conclusion, hydrolyzed keratin powder is a treasure for natural cosmetics, offering a wide range of benefits for both skin and hair. Its ability to hydrate, strengthen, and rejuvenate skin and hair make it an essential ingredient for those seeking naturally glowing, healthy beauty.

At La Despensa del Jabón, we are committed to providing high-quality raw materials so that you can create exceptional cosmetic products in the comfort of your own home. Our powdered hydrolyzed keratin, with a protein content of more than 90% and free of allergens and unwanted substances, guarantees optimal results in your formulations.

Dare to use hydrolyzed keratin in your cosmetic creations and discover the power of nature for radiant and healthy beauty!


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