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INCI: Disodium EDTA

CAS: 6381-92-6; 139-33-3 

EC #       205-358-3

> 99% EDTA Na2 CAS: 6381-92-6; 139-33-3

Disodium EDTA is often found in the lists of ingredients in personal care products, processed food and beverages, cleaning products, cosmetics and products for skin care.

 Disodium EDTA also has numerous industrial, medical and engineering and is one of the most important and widely used in modern human society chemicals.

Disodium EDTA has the chemical formula of [CH2N (CH2CO2H) 2] 2, molecular formula C10H16N2O8,
It is an important chelating agent that all your applications are extended. It has a high affinity for free metal ions, a common contaminant and impurity in many chemical environments.

As an example, when cleaning something with soap or wash our clothes, there is a chemical reaction between the detergent, organic soils, and water which provides an aqueous environment for the chemical reaction of "cleansing" occurs.

However, many impurities and free ions of metals and minerals in tap water make performance less effective detergents and inconsistent in different geographic areas with varying water quality.

Disodium EDTA chelating agent helps bind free radicals and impurities, allowing the main ingredients of detergents work effectively and consistently without excessive "chemical alteration".

In other words EDTA softens the water and makes soaps are more effective and sparkling


* Chelating agent: dose of 0.005 - 0.1%

• in most formulations of shampoos, liquid soaps and cleansers varies between 0.25% and 1.5%,

* in fragrances: 0.05-2.00%
* emulsified cosmetic creams: 0.2-1.2%
• toilet soaps: 0.2-1.0%

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Precio con IVA incluido

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Precio con IVA incluido

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