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INCI:Sodium Chloride, Tartrazine (E-102), Orange Yellow S (E-110).

  • CAS Nº: 1934-21-0, 2783-94-0
  • EINECS Nº: 217-699-5, 220-491-7
  • EEC Nº: E102, E110
  • C.I Nº: 19140,15985 

Appearance: powder product.

Color: egg yellow.

Cosmetic dye soluble in water. 
Egg Yellow Dye is a bright orange yellow powder. Aqueous solutions do not change with HCl but turn redder with sodium hydroxide
Color is one of the most important attributes in cosmetics and soaps, we only use those with a cosmetic quality, to avoid skin irritation, our cosmetic pigments and dyes have been subject to strict quality controls with order to be adapted to the legislation that regulates them. 
Within the wide variety that we offer manufacturers have chosen only those who have an excellent tinting strength, great light reaction and a highly stable behavior in alkaline media. 
In general we can say that our colors or migrate or discolor. 
The offer powder, so they can be prepared very easily, mix some dye with a little oil or water (as appropriate) to make a thin paste and add more oil or water, mix and ready. Then add in the trace to the desired color. 
For the preparation of cosmetics go añadiedo drops until desired color is achieved. 
Our much powder dyes rife with 10 grams is possible to prepare 50 ml of the dye, but prefer the convenience and offer too diluted and ready for use in the form of 125 ml.

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