ECO Coconut Flour pure 100%

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ECO Coconut Flour

INCI: Cocos nucifera fruit powder

CAS Nº: 8001-31-8
EINECS / ELINCS: 232-282-8

Description: 100% natural coconut flour without preservatives or artificial aromas From Organic Farming

Origin / organization CJ: Maussawa / Sri Lanka

Ingredients: Coconut flour rich in fiber (45-60g per 100g.), 8 essential amino acids, with a very low glycemic index (GI): 35. Low in sugars (14% versus 70% of other flours with more starch). It also contains selenium (antioxidant), magnesium, calcium and iron. Its flavor is delicate, not strong, and subtly sweet.

Extraction process: After extracting the oil from the coconut pulp, the pulp is dried and then degreased by pressure. Then it is finely ground to flour.

Coconut flour is obtained from the fruit of the Coco nucifera palm, it acts as an emollient and anti-aging agent. It is rich in lauric acid (fatty acid), vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids. It has a high calcium, potassium and magnesium charge, as well as many electrolytes. It adds flexibility to the skin and provides hydration and shine to damaged hair. Coconut flour finds application in the formulation of cosmetic products.

Anti-aging agent
Emollient Agent
Gives brightness / luminosity
It is moisturizing

Application in:

Body and facial lotions
Shampoos and hair conditioners
Hygiene products
Body and facial scrubs
Body, facial and hair masks
Thickener in cosmetic solutions

How to prepare 1L of coconut milk
Mix 30 grams of coconut flour with 300 grams of hot water and mix. Let stand 30 minutes. Then we filter and to the resulting solution we add 700 grams of water and let stand for an hour, then it can already be used.

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