Bay Floral Water Bio

Bay Floral Water Bio

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Bay Floral Water Bio

INCI: Lauris nobiliis leaf water.

CAS: 94603-73-6.
EINECS: 283-272-5.

Laurel is a medicinal plant with appetizers, digestive, diuretic, and carminative properties antidyspeptic. It also has other properties for health care, it is used as a tonic to combat nervous exhaustion, restlessness, moodiness, etc. 

In external use, it is beneficial for various skin ailments. 
Bay leaves can be burned to purify the air. 
The bay also used in hair treatments for their tonic effect. It acts against seborrhea and can be used together with the rosemary to fight dandruff. 
The bay also has cosmetic properties, is a skin protectant, it is useful to combat acne and it is regenerating. 
Is widely used in cosmetics in the preparation of creams, lotions, perfumes, soaps, etc.

Suitable for skin:
- mixed fat
- acne
- dilated pores

Used in:
* Hair products
* Tonics
* Facial cleansers
* Facial masks

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