Kapoor Kachli Pure Powder Extract 100%

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Kapoor Kachli Pure Powder Extract 100%

INCI: Hedychium spicatum root powder
CAS-number: 93455-95-9
EINECS-number: 297-383-1

Botanical name: Hedychium spicatum Family: Zingiberaceae
Common name: Kapoor Kachli
Synonyms: ginger spikes wild spiked Ginger Lily, Kapur Kachiri, Shati, Suvrata, Gandhamulika, Gandharika, Gandhavadhu, Prithu palashika, Gandhapalashi
Origin: India

A natural volumizer and a hair growth promoter. A great product for hair care and beautification, known mainly for the effect of thickening hair. Vigorizes the scalp stimulates growth and increases vitality giving volume and shine. When used habitually reduces the fall; Has a pleasant fragrance that lasts in time.
• Antioxidant and stimulant, which invigorates the scalp and promotes hair growth.
• It strengthens the shine of the hair, which makes them thicker and brighter.
• It helps to untangle hair while making them smoother.
• Kapoor Kachli rhizome has pediculicidal activity.
• With its natural scented potency, it leaves a pleasant clean scent on the hair.
• In Ayurveda, Vata and Kapha, Pitta is relieved and increased.
• All hair types
• dull and tired hair
•    Hair loss
• Lice
• Liquid and solid shampoos
• Hair masks
• Lice repellents
• It is used infused as aqueous phase in cosmetic creams (10grs of plant and 90% of water)

Hedychium spicatum root powder 100% pure, containing terpenoids, flavonoids and phenolics

• Appearance: grass powder
• Odor: normal
• Light brown
• Flash point:> 200 ° C
• Ignition temperature: n.d.
• Autoignition: n.d.
• Oxidizing properties: None
• Danger of explosion: no
• Explosion limits: n.a.
• Steam pressure (20 ° C): n.d.
• Density (20 ° C): n.a.
• Apparent density: n.a.
• Solubility (20 ° C): partly soluble in water
• PH (20 ° C, H2O): n.a.

STORAGE: Keep containers tightly closed. Protect from light and moisture.

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