Natural bio propolis 20%

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Natural bio propolis 20%

INCI Propolis Extract

CAS Nº:85665-41-4 
EC Nº:288-130-6  

A natural ingredient extrordinario
Propolis. Is a brown substance, sweet and sour smell that bees used to plug the cracks that occur in their hives
The use of propolis for medicinal purposes is not new, since in the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Greece, its antiseptic and healing and relief of many diseases like properties are known. In Rome, the mythology says that Jupiter transformed the beautiful Melissa into a bee so she could produce a miraculous healing substance: propolis.
With propolis can treat acne, hives, herpes, abscesses and other skin ailments. Similarly, it has been discovered that propolis fight some types of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Strengthens the immune system and prevents infections.
The key, perhaps, of all the healing properties is, according to experts, in flavonoids, which are important regenerating the plant cell damage due to its antioxidant properties.
You have detected more than 250 constituents and about 50 active ingredients, which explains its many properties. It contains 50 -55% resins and balms, 30-40% of beeswax, 5-10% of essential or volatile oils, 5% pollen, 5% different materials (organic and mineral).
In natural cosmetics propolis for making beauty creams (overnight, up removing milks, body milks, anti-wrinkle), deodorants and shaving lotions used.
Also widely used in soaps
Nourishes, regenerates, revitalizes, firms and moisturizes our skin
From a dermatological point of view serves to cure chilblains, boils, warts, cracks, nail infections, etc. Even oral level works very well against wounds and decay or when remineralize the damaged enamel.
Acts very powerfully when to hold off wrinkles, dryness, redness and other skin problems related to skin care. It is a product that nourishes, regenerates, firms and moisturizes,
propolis be used by people with combination skin, fat or tendency to have acne. It is a great antibacterial, leaving the pores clean and new, it has healing properties that help brands and conceal acne disappear.

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