Ethoxylated lanolin

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Ethoxylated lanolin

INCI: PEG-75 lanolin

Nº CAS: 61790-81-6

Is obtained by reacting lanolin with ethylene oxide. Superfatting emolienes and has the properties of lanolin, with the advantage of being water soluble.

For a relatively low viscosity of the product the process is carried out to produce a higher glycol content, making it easier to handle the liquid product.

At room temperature, the product is a mobile liquid which can be manipulated without any heating.

It is a water soluble humectant with a mild surfactant action.

It can be used as a conditioner for hair and skin in a wide range of aqueous preparations such as bath foams, shampoos and conditioners, bath gels or hand washing, dyes, nail polish remover, hair sprays, skin toners, lotions capital, children's camps, cosmetic creams and milks, and deodorants.

In addition it acts as nonionic surfactant, emulsifier for O / W systems irriante is nontoxic. Associated with other surfactants, anionic or cationic, has the property of stabilizing the formed foam and helps prevent dryness caused by anionic surfactants.

The product has a long history of safe use and has been classified as non-irritating to the skin and eyes

Dosage; 0.5 to 10%

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