Azelaico acid


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Azelaic Acid

INCI: Acelaic Acid.

N.CAS: 123-99-9 N. 

CE: 204-669-1

Formula Molecular: C9H16O4

Peso Molecular: 188,22 

Datos Físico-Químicos: Polvo granular o escamas de color blanco. Muy soluble en agua hirviendo y en alcohol. Punto de fusión: 106,5ºC

Azelaico acid is one of the most powerful acids are considered, and the effects of skin with acne, inflammation of the skin e hiperpigmentacion. This sleep acid can be found in wheat, barley and rye.

This acid is naturally equally antibacteriano, por lo que se puede use in acne.

When applied in tópicamente reduce growth of bacteria and help prevent folículos inflammation and eliminate dead cells and prevent acne.

This acid se puede usar en e inflamadas for shipping the same to help reduce inflammation, as can be con rosácea skin and acne rosacea, lo que hace que sea un excelente para calmar and suavizar la piel inflamada treatment.

MID of the different species of cereals, including wheat and barley, the natural function of this acid in plants is the de protegerla

Begins in concentrations up to 4% to 20%, when using the high concentrations are more under the medical consultation.

This acid is particularly effective in acne, ya que es muy antibacteriano. Es por ello que no se si sulfur acne, is preferable to use the other types of acids. If no results are visible after one or two months, is recommended to stop the use of the same.
Blanquear para la piel also very effective. Thanks to this the production of melanin in interfiere.
Usándolo of a particular form is ideal for the treat melasma, las manchas de la piel por la edad y las pecas.
You do not have many side effects, although if it is possible provoque irritation, burns, or sequedad, in high concentrations. When shipping in usa

Incompatibilities: Carbopol type gels, non-ionic emulsions.

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