Calcium Carbonate


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Calcium carbonate

INCI: Calcium carbonate

CAS No.: 471-34-1

EINECS No.: 207-439-9


MP: 100.09 g / mol

Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound abundant in nature, found in rocks such as calcite, aragonite, vaterite, marble and other, similarly found in large quantities in skeletons of molluscs, corals, shells or eggshell.

  It is used in the cosmetics industry, in the manufacture of toothpaste, to improve the cleaning action in soaps.
Not only is it used in cosmetics soaps, also in soaps and detergents cleaning and improves cleaning action due to an adequate degree of abrasiveness and is not retained by the textile fibers or damage clothing.
The calcium carbonate or calcium carbonate is used in powder makeup and powder to make them more bulky and absorbent power
Also indicated in exfoliating products
Usage rates vary between 3 and 10%

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