Pearl Powder (madreperla)

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Pearl Powder

CAS Number: 11028-72-1

Synonyms: Conchiolin; Conchiolins; Pearl protein conchiolins; Proteins, pearl, conchiolins

Extraction: Unpolluted freshwater pearls with advanced biotechnology process maintaining all the original properties of the product.

Description: Contains several reactive nutrition elements and 17 amino acids, including a large amount of reactive calcium and microelements of magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, strontium, selenium and titanium etc.

Appearance: Powder
White color

Applications / Recommended for
Skin care (facial care, facial cleansing, body care, baby care)
• Healing agent
• Whitening agent
• Anti-inflammatories
• Anti-wrinkle agents
• Acts as a regenerative asset.

• Protein: 1.2%
• Calcium acidity: 13%
• Water (Decompress method drier): 5%
• pH (5% water): 04.05 to 06.05
• Total bacterial count: 1000 CFU / g
• Coliaerogen Organisms: 6 NMP / 100g
• Lead: 1 mg / kg
• Mercury: 0.2 mg / kg
• Soluble in water.

The pearl powder acts on the skin stimulating the synthesis of new cytokeratins, which are the proteins that form the internal support of cells. In this way, ensures the process of skin restoration, in addition protects the skin from environmental aggression, such as sun or cold
Its ability to regenerate cells, makes this powder an ideal ingredient in anti-aging treatments
It is also an excellent scrub acts as a bleach in facial and body spots, regulates excess fat and finally, its restorative action provides the skin with more elasticity, luminosity and softness, and gives it a younger appearance.

 It is suitable for all types of skins.

The recommended use rate ranges from 1 to 10%

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