Spirulina powder

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NCI: Spirulina

100% Spirulina Powder
Species: Arthrospira platensis Part used: Whole plant

SPECIES: Arthrospira platensis
CAS: 724424-92-4

Spirulina is a widely used in cosmetics, facial masks regenerating and decongestant algae. Also in body treatments. is prepared pure, diluted gel. It runs with a brush and leave it for about ten minutes.

Phycocyanin chlorophyll and having the alga aid in the formation of blood, tissues and counteract renewed radiation. Also they stimulate the immune system, preventing degenerative diseases of the skin.

Spirulina is widely used for its protein, its redox properties and stimulatory activity of the fibropiastos which makes it suitable for nourishing skin treatments and as antiarrugas.Muy used in creams and soaps.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina, an algae is naturally produced with the techniques of ancient tradition used by the Aztecs, through clean and mineralized waters of birth Espuña Natural Park. Drying of this alga naturally through the sun. Because of the way production is possibly the best spirulina in the world.

Algae to grow, convert inorganic minerals from water in organic salts minerals are combined with amino acids which is a major source of minerals for the body in protecting the heart, growth of hair, nails, skin quality, blood, muscles and bones. Algae driven directly on the blood, making it more alkaline if it is very acidic and reducing excess fat and stored mucus.

They contain abundant vitamins (mainly vit A, B1, C, E, B12), minerals, proteins and oxygen (the content area chlorophyll). It has a very high percentage of iron. It is one of the foods with the highest percentage of protein, with the added advantage that no cholesterol. Chlorophyll is high in itself, a multivitamin and mineral cocktail

Properties alga Spirulina

- Spirulina improves the physical, intellectual and sexual performance. - Increases resistance period of intense activity - So said Lee Evans (2 gold, Olympics), "Spirulina has improved my results, giving me faster, more life force and greater resistance."

- Delays aging body and skin and can prevent diseases: For its contribution in vitamin F, regulating prostaglandins that protect thrombosis, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

- For its stimulatory effect of PGE 1, a potent anticancer agent.

- For its regulatory effect at different levels in the immune system.

- Because of its beneficial effect on the skin, due to its concentration in polyunsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids.

- Because of its high concentration of natural antioxidants that reduce degradation and loss of body functions.

- For its richness in nutrients of high biological value, Spirulina restores the proper functioning of metabolism in organisms with deficiencies.

- Spirulina has a cleansing effect and anti-toxic molecules against our usual environment such as heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides, etc.


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