Elastin Hydrolyzed

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INCI: Hydrolyzed elastin

CAS: 100085-10-7
EINECS: 309-148-3  
· Water 99.15% 
· Elastin 0.4% 
· Citric acid (at pH 4) 0.25% 
· Sodium benzoate 0.2% 
INDEX REFRACTION (nD20) 1,3340-1,3360
DENSITY (20ºC) 0.9980-1.0040 g / ml
pH 3.8-4.2
DRY RESIDUE (2h, 120ºC) 0.70-0.95%
CONTENT ELASTIN (Biuret) 4.00 - 5.00 mg / ml
TOTAL NITROGEN 0.050-0.070%
PRESERVATIVE (Sodium Berzoate) 0.15-0.25%
Elastin by the collagen, are another main body proteins. Furthermore elastin connective tissue part of the skin, and this is where fibers form a kind of rubbery texture elastic networks that keep skin firm and looking good. 
For elastin molecules are water soluble, it is necessary to treat them and subjecting them to a hydrolysis reaction. Thus we dissected into tiny fragments that subsequently our skin can absorb. 
After many laboratory experiments have shown that a base treated elastin, skin elasticity recovered while smoothed and help remove wrinkles and furrows which often appear on the skin. 
  elastin is "the protein that makes up connective, and bone and cartilage tissue that provides elasticity to the skin" 
Elastin is a protein molecule which confers tissue elasticity. The elastin fibers attach to the collagen fibers and held in place unlike collagen (conferring hardness, or firmness to the tissues), elastin provides flexibility and elasticity. In fact, it has an enormous capacity to stretch.
Tasa de uso 5% al 10%

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