Pure Anhydrous Caffeine

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Pure Anhydrous Caffeine 

INCI: Caffeine
CAS: 58-08-2
Nº EINECS:  200-362-1

Molecular Formula: C8H10N4O2
Molecular Weight: 194.19
APPLICATION: Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and animal feed industry.
APPEARANCE: White crystalline powder with characteristic odor.
SOLUBILITY / MISCIBILITY: Partly soluble in water. Easily soluble in hot water.
Properties are excellent coffee and caffeine have on the skin. And is that these stimulatory effects are of great help especially in removing toxins and fats and also the time to get a smoother skin. 
The first thing is to be clear that it is not increasing coffee intake, since most of its properties to find the skin topically applying to the skin, not through ingestion. 
The main properties that coffee is going to give on the skin are detoxifying and diuretic effects. Its earliest uses were for mesotherapy treatments, which found that the effect of caffeine on the varices was really good and helped to better leg circulation while avoiding the emergence of new varices. 
From that moment he began to look more closely at the properties of coffee and caffeine resulting in various treatments with coffee as a star ingredient. 
Most of these treatments were focused on fighting cellulite, which also has to demonstrate its benefits. Coffee, and more specifically caffeine helps break easier fat cells, reactive flow and increases the levels of fat-burning molecules with a powerful lipolytic effect, becoming one of the best natural anti-cellulite. 
The latest in cosmetic applications we are seeing is caffeine to combat dark circles, as it is an excellent activator of blood circulation.
Crystalline powder or silky, white or nearly white crystals. Soluble in concentrated solutions benzoates / alkali salicylates, quite soluble in water, easily soluble in boiling water, slightly soluble in 96% ethanol. Melting point: 238 ° C.
Topically, 3 - 10% for the treatment of cellulite, and to 30% for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.
Storage: Keep in a cool and dark place, away from light.
* All the indicated data are from our supplier / manufacturer.

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