Essential Oil Palmarosa

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Palmarosa Essential Oil 

Palmarosa oil is distilled from the leaves are removed from the plant before it blooms. Makes 1-1.5% essential oil. the maximum oil is obtained when it is completely dry, about a week after cutting.

Native of Pakistan and India, also known as Turkish Rosa, its oil has been distilled from the eighteenth century. The Palmarosa is mentioned in the book "Materia Medica" in India and widely recommended in Ayurvedic medicine. Eastern medicine rescues his "cold and wet" energy that refreshes and strengthens energy "yin". It was also used in Egyptian temples as incense. It is also known as "Indian geranium oil" and "pink". For its intense aroma of rose and relatively lower cost, it is often used to adulterate rose essential oil. Palmarosa essential oil is therefore very popular as a flavoring agent in many soaps, cosmetics and perfumes.

Palmarosa Essential Oil is a symbol of balance and tranquility. His newly formed dew scented pink and it becomes subtle and elegant at once.

Blades of grass from which the essential oil is derived are extremely fragrant. Since this oil has a high content of geraniol, her perfume is a bit like that of roses and geraniums. Its aroma is sweet, floral with a hint of pink

Deodorant action helps the body against excessive heat and humidity. Also valuable as an insect repellent. Stimulates cell regeneration of the skin and tissues, it is useful in the treatment of dry, sensitive and inflamed skin, including combating the effects of aging and wrinkles. Promotes health and beauty of the skin, regenerating and regulating its oiliness and hydration.

Ideal for malnourished and parched skin for its moisturizing properties. Ideal to regulate oily skin.

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