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INCI: Hypericum Perforatum Extract

CAS # 84082-80-4

EC # 282-026-4



100% Hyperic * (Hypericum perforatum). * Product from organic farming / 100%


Hypericum perforatum is a medicinal plant with multiple applications. For example, topical application serves to accelerate wound healing.

Favors and regenerates skin cells
Wounds, bruises, cuts, burns
For blisters
It also goes very well for acne scars, mixed with lemon essential oil, lavender and tea tree.

A plant that is known by many names: Hypericum St. John's wort; also called military grass because it is great for the wound; Wort, perforata,
Hypericum has very different properties: one is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. Has antiviral action, for herpes virus, varicella ... healing, stimulates blood circulation and removes bruising.
It is very effective to heal the wounds and blows, both people and animals. The leg ulcers and ulcers of the elderly, due to be long hours without moving
When skin fades, this oil stimulates and regenerates

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