SLSA - (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate)

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INCI: Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

CAS #  1847-58-1

EC #  217-431-7

Very mild anionic surfactant derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil.

It is a foaming active ingredient, making it highly suitable for bath and shower products, both in liquid and solid soaps and shampoos.
It produces a dense, abundant and very stable foam even in hard water. It admits vegetable oils. Biodegradable.
Provides gentle cleansing without irritating skin and hair.
Appearance: powder

Indicated for:
• Gel and liquid soap
• Liquid shampoo
• Solid soap
• Solid shampoo
• Bath bombs
• For all skin and hair types.
• Soluble in cold and hot water.

Liquid products 1 to 5%
Solid products 5 to 20%

Description / Limits
APPEARANCE 110-0 @ 25C: white, free flowing powder, FFM
058-0 PH (5% IN H20): 5.0 - 7.5
117-D ACTIVE: 65.0 min.
119-0 SODIUM CHLORIDE (%): 10-18
122-0 * INSOLUBLE ALCOHOL%: 5-18
022-0 WATER (%): 1.5 Max.
057-0 SULFUR DIOXIDE (%): 0.05 Max.
006-E KLETT COLOR: 40 Max. (5% active in water)
234-0 SCREEN TEST: 20 MESH (%) 5 Max. (Detained)
234-0 SCREEN TEST: 100 MESH (%) 47.0 Max. (Through)
000-0 * SOURCE OF COMPONENTS: each drum visually inspected

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