Virgin Olive Oil ECO

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Virgin Olive Oil ECO

INCI: Olea europaea Fruit Oil.

CAS: 8001-25-0
EINECS: 232-277-0

Quality: Virgin
Obtaining: Oil obtained by pressing the fruits of Olea europaea
Use: Cosmetic use raw material

Appearance: Oily liquid
Color: Yellow to dark green
Characteristic smell
Absorbance: (K270) <0.20
Acidity: <2 mg KOH / g
Peroxide value ≤ 20 meq O2 / kg

Ideal to care for skin, hair and nails. Due to its high content of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and minerals make it a very nutritious and complete treatment.

The virgin olive oils applied to cosmetics, being natural, without chemical treatments or additives, provide more beneficial compounds for the body. They conserve the natural antioxidants, vitamins and other elements of minority presence, since practically all of the olive oils are formed by fatty acids among which the oleic acid predominates. This represents more than two thirds of the total content of olive oil; These fatty acids contribute to maintain the skin's hydration and favor the conservation of the cell membrane.

Triglycerides, fatty acids, and hydrocarbons such as squalene present in olive oil participate in the maintenance of cell cohesion of the outer layer of the skin, promote the preservation of the level of hydration of the skin, and favor its flexibility when palliating lipid deficiency. On the other hand, antioxidant substances (polyphenols, vitamin E and oleic acid) act by fixing free radicals, which contributes to delay skin aging. The phenolic compounds of antioxidant action such as Hydroxytyrosol, Oleuropein and many others present in virgin olive oils, are currently under study to shed their function and mechanism of action in the human body.

Olive oil acts as a toning and firming on the dermis and protects it from external aggressive agents. It can be applied on almost any area of ​​our body: face, hands, hair, etc. The virgin and extra virgin olive oil is rich in nourishing and antioxidant properties, also has protective and regenerative properties; something that makes it an excellent product for the skin. There are hundreds of homemade recipes whose main ingredient is virgin olive oil with really good results.

SAP NaOH: 0.136
SAP KOH: 0.190

For use in:
* Soap
* Conditioners
* Nutritious body treatments
* Moisturizing body treatments
* Hair treatments
* Shampoo
* Exfoliants
* Facial masks and capillaries
* Balsam

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