96º Ecological Alcohol

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96º Ecological Alcohol

INCI: Alcohol.

CAS: 64 - 17 - 5.
EINECS: 200 - 578 - 6.
Alcohol content / Alcohol content: 96.3%
Obtaining: Alcohol of vinous origin


Neutral alcohol of agricultural origin, with a graduation of 96 degrees. Its applications are suitable for mouth uses, widely used in different industries such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic sector, beverage manufacturing, essences of food use, intervening in various manufacturing processes.

Solvent. It is used in perfumes, colognes and after shave, hairspray, mouth rinses, body care: splashes and sprays, nail polish, astringents, fluoride toothpaste and scalp preparations. It has support properties and preservatives. It imparts a fresh feeling to the skin and provides a quick delivery of the items.

Methanol: <50gr / hl
Ethyl acetate: <1.3gr / hl
Higher alcohols: Max. 2.0gr / hl
Smell: Like alcohol. Odor threshold: 49 ppm
Melting point / Freezing point: -113.9 ° C
Initial boiling point and boiling range: 78.4 ° C
Flammability temperature:
Closed cup: 12.85 ° C
Evaporation rate: 1.7 (butyl acetate = 1)
Upper / lower flammability or explosion limits: Minimum point: 3.3%
Maximum point: 19%
Vapor pressure: 5.9 kPa [20 ° C]
Vapor density: 1.6 [Air = 1]
Relative density: 0.79
Octanol / water partition coefficient: -0.32
Autoignition temperature: 398.85 ° C
pH: 7.0-7.2.

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