Fumaria Officinalis


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Smoking cut plant BIO

INCI: Fumaria Officinalis Leaf Extract 

CAS Nº 84625-41-2  

EC Nº 283-416-7  

Ingredients: 100% Fumaria * / * Product from organic farming

Origin / Origin: SPAIN

Organoleptic characteristics

Green color
Aroma: Characteristic
Taste: Characteristic

It is used thanks to its alkaloids of beneficial properties for the gallbladder. It is the amphocholenetic plant par excellence. It balances the functioning of the gallbladder because it acts on both the formation of bile and its elimination. Due to this it improves the digestions and prevents the formation of gallstones. It is diuretic, choleretic, depurative and tonic. Smoking is effective against nausea and migraines due to poor liver function. Calm intestinal spasms Smoking is used in chronic intestinal disorders of biliary origin as certain types of constipation. It is used as a depurative of blood, in hepatic congestion and in anemia. Coadjuvant in hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias. It is a mild laxative. It is used in: cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, headaches related to hepatobiliary dysfunction. Hyperlipidemias, prevention of arteriosclerosis. Asthma. As a depurative, in the background treatment of dermatitis: eczema, psoriasis.

Smoking is used in internal use when there are skin conditions related to intestinal putrefaction or poisoning such as acne. The skin often manifests the state of internal health, so some professionals recommend the use of plants and depurative diets.
Traditionally, it has been used to combat skin diseases from those affecting the scalp, such as the scabs of infants, dandruff to simple freckles, for which the liquid resulting from the infusion of its leaves was applied.

Contraindications of smoking
Overdose should be avoided, since the alkaloids contained in it are cardiotoxic in high doses. For this reason, it is recommended to prescribe in the form of rather short treatments with rest periods.

It is contraindicated in hypertension or arterial hypotension (its alkaloids behave in a paradoxical manner according to the dose - hypertensive at low doses and hypotensive at higher doses), glaucoma, pregnancy, lactation.

Dosage forms with alcohol content should not be used for children under two years of age or people with ethyl problems.

CAS Nº 84625-41-2  
EC Nº 283-416-7  

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Precio con IVA incluido

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