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Ulmaria cut plant BIO


CAS No. 84775-57-5
EC No. 283-886-3



Ingredients: 100% Ulmaria- Product from organic farming.

Organoleptic characteristics:
Color / Color: Green
Aroma / Aroma: Characteristic
Flavor / Flavor: Characteristic

Its therapeutic action lies in the content of flavonoids and, above all, salicylate derivatives, precursors of the best known medicine in the world, aspirin.

Ulmaria is anti-inflammatory and disinfiltrant, which is why it is recommended in cases of painful cellulitis. It is very useful in the treatment of painful joint manifestations (rheumatism, osteoarthritis). It is a powerful diuretic (hyperuricemia, gout, cystitis, urethritis).

It has diaphoretic and antipyretic properties (fever, flu, colds). Effective in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, edema and dropsy. It is used in kidney stones (urolithiasis), oliguria and in the treatment of cellulitis. In external use it is a good remedy for many skin conditions. Other uses: Prevention of thromboembolism, arteriosclerosis.

Externally it is astringent and vulnerary.

Edema and Drop
Ascites, Oliguria and Kidney stones.
Joint pains and rheumatic diseases. It can be used internally or externally (in compresses in the pain area). Arthrosis, Arthritis, Sciatica, etc.
Febrile States and Flu.
Diarrhea, especially in children.
Spasmodic cough and Asthma.


People with gastroduodenal ulcer should not take ulmaria, people medicated with sintron, adiro or similar since it is an antiplatelet drug and in the last month of pregnancy.

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