Aritha fruit rind natural shampoo


Aritha fruit rind natural shampoo

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Aritha fruit rind (Reetha)

INCI: Sapindus mukorossi fruit rind

Origin: India

CAS number: 013398-82-7

Composition: Aritha fruit 100% natural 

The Aritha fruit rind  is a natural cleansing agent recommended by Ayurvedic experts. When used on the skin, the powder cleanses the pores and helps it breathe better. It also improves the texture of the skin during a period of use. As a shampoo, clean the hair completely. It is especially recommended to wash oily hair. The powder has excellent foam and shampoo properties. Aritha powder is also recommended for washing silk, wool, ornaments and silver and gold utensils.

Advantages and uses

• Clean the scalp thoroughly
• Excellent as a natural shampoo
• Provides shine and natural bounce to the hair
• Can be used to clean ornaments, clothes and utensils

How to use:

• Take the required amount of Powder, add a little water, mix well and make a thick paste

• Massage gently by twisting the tips of your fingers

• Wait for 2 to 5 minutes

• Wash well with warm water.

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