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Witch hazel

INCI: Hamamelis Virginiana Water

CAS No: 84696-19-5
EINECS / ELINCS Nº: 283-637-9

ASPECT: Transparent liquid.
Characteristic smell.

RELATIVE DENSITY 20º C: 0.995 - 1,000
REFRACTION INDEX 20º C: 1,330 - 1,340
PH (DIRECT) 20º C: 2 - 6

Witch hazel is a plant similar to hazel. In fact, it is known as witch hazel, among other ways. Use within the field of home remedies for skin is usually very common, because it is an important natural astringent.

Witch hazel is a widely used in the world of cosmetics because of their great ability to work on certain aspects of the plant skin. First of all, witch hazel is a great astringent. By having good amount of tannins and flavonoids, it serves for circulatory skin stimulation.

Witch hazel used as a tonic for the skin is very good to cool. Either by action of sunburn as by swellings, this plant can be made to work as a palliative.

Witch hazel can be used in compresses for problems like bruises, swellings or kinks without any inconvenience. Ideal for fats and prepared for tired legs with varicose veins and skin.

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