Ruda Bio

Ruda Bio

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Ruda Bio

Ingredients: 100% Ruda * (Ruta graveolens). * Product from organic farming 

Synonyms: Ruda, ruda hortense, ruda piojera, ruda ocinal, ruda fetida, ruda common, ruda, erruda, arroda, pimento, armaga, besaca

Scientific name: Ruta graveolens L.

Family: Rutaceae (Rutaceae)

Content of assets:
Essential oil (0.1-0.7%): The essential oil, present in the whole plant, is responsible for the strong smell that comes off the entire plant. It contains mainly two ketones (90%): methylnonylketone (2-undecanone, 2-hendecanone) and methylheptylketone. Acids (anisic, caprylic and salicylic), terpenes (limonene, pinene and cineol), anethole
- Alkaloids (0.4 - 1.4%): arborinine, graveolin, graveolinine, skiaminine, dictamnine, cytisine or sophorine, cocusaginine, etc.
- Coumarins, especially furocoumarins, such as bergapten, naphthohernina, suberone
- Flavonoids: quercetin, rutin (Venotonic action, first found in this plant, named after it) and its glycosides.
- Tannins
- Psoralens (components that cause possible phototoxicity)
- Vitamin C

Ruda topical use:

In external use the ruda has rubefacientes and revulsivas properties, that is to say, it produces an external redness of the skin.

Is used for:

- Rheumatism: Relief of rheumatic pain, reduce pain and inflammation. (Apply soaked compress with infusion loaded with rue on the area - about 10-15 g dry plant per liter)

- Psoriasis: It is recommended in the treatment of psoriasis (Infusion to 5%, to cool or to templar and to apply to the skin with a clean compress) - Other affections of the skin: it has been described like plant for eczemas, scabies and other cutaneous affections .

• Cultivated according to the rules of Organic farming.
• Collected in the favorable period
• Rigorously dried in the shade.
• Has not undergone any chemical treatment for its conservation.
• Product with Certificate of ecological feeding.

WARNING: This plant, depending on the dose, may be TOXIC. Handle with caution

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