Arnica Oil

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Arnica Oil

INCI:Arnica Montana Flower Extract - Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil


CAS # 68990-11-4 / 8001-21-6 
EC # 273-579-2 /  232-273-9

Description: It is an oily extract of the flowers of Arnica montana in oil of
Refined sunflower. It is not a pressure oil.

Physical and Chemical Data: Oily, clear, yellow-gold liquid with a characteristic odor. Density: approx. 0.917 - 0.920 g / ml. Refractive index: approx.
1.4770. Antioxidants, Tocoferol, ascorbyl palmitate.

Properties and uses: Arnica has analgesic and anti-inflammatory, healing, and antimicrobial action (antibacterial and antifungal). It contains pseudoguayanolide sesquiterpene lactones (11-alpha-helenaline, 13-hydroxyhelenalin and its esters ...) in 0.2-0.8%, responsible for their action. It may produce a skin reaction of hypersensitivity with edema and vesicular dermatitis, in which case the treatment should be discontinued.

Side effects:
Hypersensitivity to arnica flower or to other compounds.

Open wounds, dermatitis.
Avoid its prescription internally, it is a very toxic plant.



  • DENSITY 0,910-0,925 g / ml
  • ACIDITY INDEX = <1.0 mg KOH / g
  • IODO INDEX 80.0-145.0%
  • INDEX SAPONIFICATION 173.0-202.0 mgKOH / g
  • PEROXIDE INDEX = <5.0 meq O2 / kg

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