Sodium lactate 60% - ECOCERT

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Sodium lactate 60% - ECOCERT

INCI: Sodium Lactate (60%), Water (40%)

CAS number 72-17-3, 7732-18-5
EINECS 200-772-0, 231-791-2

Sodium lactate ECOCERTe is a high-quality sodium salt, highly soluble in L-lactic acid, produced by fermentation from carbohydrates. As a humectant and key component of NMF, it provides basic hydration you can build on and trust. It can also be recommended as a replacement for glycerin, since sodium lactate is less sticky, its high capacity for capturing and retaining water, it is one of the most profitable skin moisturizers.

Product application: Assets - Skincare - Lightening, Hydration

Soaps: 2 - 3% of total fat

Creams: 0.5 - 5%

Application areas
It is used as a flavoring agent, pH value agent, hygroscopicity agent, color fixer, etc., applied in food, cosmetics and in the medical and meat industries.

Product form: liquid

Regulation / Registration CAS Number 867-56-1 (general 72-17-3)
Complies with FCC, 231/2012 / EC, JSFA, USP
Natural origin ECOCERT 100%
EEC additive number E325 sodium lactate

Acidity, as lactic acid max. 0.3% (p / p)
Arsenic (as As) max. 1.5 ppm
Chlorides max. 50 ppm
Citrate, oxalate, phosphate, tartrate passes the test
Cyanide max. 0.3 ppm
Heavy metals total max. 5 ppm
Iron max. 5 ppm
Max lead 2 ppm
Max mercury 1 ppm
Methanol / methyl esters (as methanol) max. 50 ppm
pH (direct) 7.8-8.3
pH (10.0 g of product + 90 g of water) max. 0.2 0.2
pH 1 + 5 (% v / v) 6.5-7.5
pH 20% (v / v) 6.5-7.5
Substance reduction passes the test
Sugars passes test
Sulphates max. 20 ppm
Volatile fatty acids pass the test

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