Rosemary tincture

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Rosemary tincture

INCI:Alcohol, Aqua, Rosmarinus officinalis L..

CAS Nº 64-17-5,7732-18-5,84604-14-8
EINECS Nº:200-578-6, 231-791-2,283-291-9 
Tinctures are an excellent way to preserve the properties of plants, transformed into a liquid concentrate that is often prepared according to virtues of alcohol solvents, and have some advantages: 
Versatility: the dyes can be used with a multitude of purposes, either internal, external use, as raw material for other preparations, in bathrooms, natural cosmetics, etc. 
Concentrate properties: very few properties concentrated drops a lot of ground. 
The dye used in friction rosemary relieves bumps and cuts. Antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory. 
It is a plant with more antioxidants. 
Very rich in rosmarinic acid, myrcene and camphene with antioxidant properties. 
Rosemary tincture used to calm frictions rheumatic pain, bruises and skin conditions.

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