Tincture of Benzoin

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Tincture of benzoin 

INCI: Stirax benzoin - Etanol - Aqua

Tincture of benzoin is a pungent solution of benzoin resin in alcohol. A similar preparation called Friar balsam or tincture benzoin compound also contains aloe and estoraque Cape. 
Benzoin is a tree of your resin used since ancient times, when countless attributed medicinal properties. Basically what is used for this tree was given off and the resin that was used to produce aromas and perfumes, and creams and ointments applied to the skin, and a number of cosmetic and healing benefits are associated. 
Benzoin is a large tree, which reaches six meters high. It is known for the distinctive color of its leaves, which highlights its distinctive green color off or pale. It is known for the clear resin and is typically used in the manufacture of cosmetics for improving skin condition. 
This component is typically used in face masks and moisturizers, for several reasons. 
First we will highlight the antiseptic and healing effect it has on our skin. It is very good application when kill bacteria that populate the skin and are responsible for redness, sandstones and skin diseases such as acne. Benzoin in these cases help us eliminate agents that cause discomfort and improve the overall condition of the skin, thus accelerating the healing thereof. 
It's a great asset aging and soaps helps set esecias or aromas.

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