Amla Pure Powder Extract 100%

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Amla Pure Powder Extract 100% 

INCI: Embica offinalis fruit powder

CAS‐number: 90028‐28‐7 
EINECS‐number: 289‐817‐3 

Grade: Cosmetic
Origin: India


Composition: Embica offinalis 100% pure micronized powder

The amla improves the health of the skin

Vitamin C and the antioxidants present in the amla make it very beneficial for the health of the skin. It helps to revive the texture of the skin and makes it smoother, there are also diminishing stains and pigmentation, providing a rejuvenated and healthy skin. Acne and blackheads can be prevented by using them. Antioxidants help to restrict free radical damage to the skin and reduce the effect of aging and wrinkles. Amla juice mixed with body oil can be applied to prevent diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The natural antioxidants present in the amla help in curing these diseases.

Amla powder extracted from Indian gooseberry contains high levels of antioxidant vitamin C as well as ellagic acid, flavonoids and tannins. A 2009 article found in "Phytotherapy Research," claims that these compounds reduce the harmful accumulation of free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Hair Care
Amla powder can be used to promote hair health and make hair look brighter and brighter. Amla powder can be combined with water and added to shampoo. Gallic acid is a potent phenolic compound found in amla and has been shown to repair hair that has been previously damaged by dyeing or other environmental effects, notes a study published in the "Journal of Oil Science."


Skins Type: Mixed / Greasy Skin
Hair Types: Greasy / Normal / Sensitive Hair

Up to 2% in body and facial creams
Up to 4% in liquid and solid soaps
Up to 80% in face and body masks
Up to 20% in solid shampoo
Up to 5% in liquid shampoo

Suitable for brown and dark hair

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