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INCI: Propylene glycol, Aqua, Cucumis sativus Fruit Extract

It is a herbaceous plant of the family Cucurbitaceae which has large green leaves. 
Its fruit, the cucumber is a vegetable whose green leather interior is white and watery pulp with small flattened seeds spread throughout the fruit body. 
Cucumber extract is obtained from the fruit of Cucumis sativus. 
Regulatory activity of the transepidermal water loss (TEWL). This is due to carbohydrate and vitamins cucumber. Carbohydrates are active ingredients widely used in cosmetics. The monosaccharides are hygroscopic, that is, they are able to absorb water and thus contribute to the maintenance of the stratum corneum water. This same property is extensible oligosaccharides. These assets act to prevent massive loss of water and slowing dehydration. Furthermore, some of these compounds form a protective film on the skin, preventing and delaying the transepidermal water loss. 
There is clinical and laboratory evidence that topical application of vitamins is useful to combat several skin conditions, especially to prevent, slow or stop certain degenerative changes associated with aging, such as dryness and scaling of the skin and wrinkling. In addition, the natural character of the vitamins has promoted its use in creams and lotions to soften the skin's natural moisture recovering. 
So, cucumber extract is recommended for formulating cosmetics with moisturizing, refreshing, decongesting and softening. 
Its antioxidant activity is due mainly to the content of phenolic compounds and vitamin C. 
Phenolic compounds have antioxidant action, which depends primarily on its ability to reduce free radicals and chelate metals, preventing the catalytic reactions of free radicals. 
Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant agent with anti-radical activity is useful in the treatment of photoaging. Vitamin C has properties similar to those of vitamin E. Vitamin C is capable of neutralizing the radicals generated by UVB photoprotective properties. 
Therefore, cucumber extract is recommended for formulating cosmetic products intended to preserve the integrity of the skin and hair against oxidative processes as well as to formulate cosmetic products with activity stimulating and revitalizing the skin.

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