Virgin sweet almond oil 1 st pressure


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Virgin sweet almond oil 1 st pressure


This oil, as for millennia, is extracted by pressure from the seed cold to enhance the appearance and general condition of the skin, especially in cases of dry, dehydrated or flaky. It is an oil rich in vitamins A and E, proteins, minerals and fatty acids resulting almond oil is very nutritious and suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive and dry.
The aroma of almonds apparently awakened passion in women or so thought the poets and scribes of the past.

The French writer Alexandre Dumas, author of 'The Count of Monte Cristo', almond soup supper every night before meeting with her lover.

Delilah Samson wooed with these tasty morsels, which lower cholesterol and provide large doses of vitamin E, magnesium and fiber to improve the general welfare.

It provides elasticity to the skin, leaving it hydrated, nourished and smooth.

It is widely used in massage therapy for its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to soften skin without clogging pores.

Lubricates and protects worn or scaly skin, and is very suitable for irritation and allergy problems because it produces calming effects.

Prevents and repairs lines and wrinkles, and is optimal for application as very sensitive skin of babies.

Applied in dry, brittle hair, it produces restorative effects.


Almond oil can be used directly on the skin as a body oil or facial moisturizer.

It is used in its pure form or it can be mixed with other oils that require diluted as rosehip, castor (for body), wheat germ, borage etc.

You can also use a few drops of pure vitamin E. Likewise it can be applied on trouble spots or streaks.

In the hair can be applied neat or with others.

You can also turn your bathroom into a real beauty treatment, adding a small amount of this oil to hot water, so your skin will be soft and silky

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