Hemp Oil

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Hemp Oil

INCI: Cannabis sativa Seed Oil

CAS: 89958-21-4
EINECS: 289-644-3

Use: Cosmetic use raw material

Appearance: Liquid
Color: Greenish
Characteristic smell
Acidity: Max. 10
Density (20ºC) 0.920 - 0.930 g / ml
Refractive index (20ºC) 1,470 - 1,482
Major fatty acids / Major acids%
Palmitic acid (C16: 0) 4 - 8%
Linoleic acid (C18: 2) 46-65%
Α-linoleic acid (C18: 3) 14 - 28%
Oleic acid (C18: 1) 5 - 20%
Γ-linolenic acid (C18: 3) <5
Stearic acid (C18: 0) 1 - 4%

Hemp oil, the one used in cosmetics, is obtained by first cold pressing the seed of the Cannabis Sativa plant. More and more natural cosmetics companies include it in their formulations, as their properties are really effective for the beauty and health of the skin.

It is the oil richest in essential fatty acids, 51% to 62% linoleic acid, 19% to 25% linolenic acid, with higher percentages than evening primrose or sesame oil and with a high vitamin E content and even higher to the germ of wheat.

It also contains antioxidants, mineral salts and essential vitamins to maintain healthy skin.
It has moisturizing and regenerating properties of the skin. Also hemp oil does not contain THC, so it does not have any side effects.

The products made with hemp oil as well as being beneficial to the skin are always biological, as the hemp plant has a curious property; if pesticides or herbicides are applied it dries automatically, so that you can no longer extract your cosmetic oil or for any other use

Storage: In the original container protected from heat and light


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