Cistus floral water Bio

Cistus floral water Bio

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Cistus floral water Bio

INCI: Cistus ladaniferus Flower Water. 

CAS: 89997-74-0 
EINECS: 289-711-7   

The properties of this plant are many and very beneficial, has astringent properties, so doing well in oily skin tightens pores as possible environmental contaminations, contaminations that are the source of grains, pimples and blackheads.

It's a great facial tonic as getting activates blood circulation so the skin cells oxygenate and receive the nutrients needed for good. It is also used for acne and repairing small heriditas, chafing or irritation. Excellent in anti-aging preparations, reduces spots, regenerates cells and acts as a natural authentic wrinkle

His great circulatory power makes it ideal in preparations for the eye area, it is also widely used in hair preparations intended to treat seborrheic dermatitis, scenes and peeling. For its softening and firming properties it is recommended for mature or irritated skin.

Very suitable treatments for rosacea.
Hydrolate of organic origin achieved with traditional processes that do not destroy their properties.
100% natural

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