Laurus Nobilis Leaf


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Laurus Nobilis Leaf 

INCI: Laurus Nobilis Leaf Extract 

CAS Nº:  84603-73-6 

EC Nº: 283-272-5 

Origin: Turkey


Scientific or Latin name: Laurus nobilis - common or vulgar Name: Laurel, Laurel poets, Apollo Laurel, Laurel salsero.

Family: Lauraceae. - Origin: It is native to the Mediterranean basin and the Caucasus.

Dioecious tree or shrub, aromatic that can reach a large, to be a tree over 10 m. It has the smooth, shiny and green leaves, its flowers are small yellow and dark berries. There laurels males, which do not bear fruit, and females, which do produce.

Uses bay leaves:

• In infusion, bay leaves are able to relieve stomach upset (reduce gases, are good for intestinal spasms and help to have a proper digestion) and improve kidney pains. All this thanks to the essential oil whose main components are cineole and eugenol, which give carminative properties.

• Used externally, an oil or cream, is a good antiseptic for skin infections.

• It favors the expulsion of mucus from the airways mainly in the case of bronchitis and contains bactericidal substances.

• Because the laurel contains unsaturated fatty acids, including oleic and linoleic acid, it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

• An oily balm made with dried or fresh leaves of laurel improves muscle aches and bruises due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

• The laurel, infusion, also contributes to regulate menstruation and is considered a diuretic, which helps to remove excess liquid.


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