Intensive Handmade Soap (Presencial)

120.00 / 8 hour(s)

Intensive Course of Handmade Soap (Presencial)

Saturday March 28, 2020

Place: La Despensa del Jabón SC - Av de Rioja Nº1, bj 3 - Castañares de Rioja




Reservation: € 20

Course value € 120.00 (the reservation is subtracted from the value of the course)

Places limited to 12 students

Place: La Despensa del Jabón SC - Av de Rioja Nº1, bj 3 - Castañares de Rioja - (26240) La Rioja - Spain

Course duration: 8 hours (10:00 a 14:00 y de 16:00 a 20:00 hs)

Registration: Tel: + 34 944 657 841 / Whatsapp + 34 608 651 314


You will learn to make soaps according to your level and you will go through all the elaboration phases. We will teach decorating techniques such as "Firulillos", "Percha" or "In the pot" among others of your choice. You will be able to experiment with different additives and oils. You will know how to use the micas and dyes. You will work with fragrances and essential oils.

* Formulation

* Knowledge of types of processes (cold soap, hot, with or without surfactants, etc.)

* You will learn to include different natural products to the soap such as milk, clays, fruits, juices, milk, etc)

* Hot Cosmetic Soap

* Cold Cosmetic Soap

* Washing machine soap

* Liquid soap

* Exotic soap

* Shaving soap

* Soap for sensitive and / or sensitive skin

* You will learn basic or advanced decorative techniques according to your level.

If you have a predilection to learn something that is not on the list, let us know and we will work so that you can learn to do it.

* The list may vary depending on the needs of the group attending the course.


What does the course include?

* Explanatory dossier and the formulas with which you will make soap.

* Material for notes.

* Protective material (glasses, gloves, apron).

* All the raw material to make the soaps that you will then take home with your mold

Do you need accommodation?
Talk to us, we will arrange accommodation at the best price in the area with our partners. (It is not included in the price of the course)

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