Essential oils are substances found in different plant tissues.

The ancient alchemists called them "soul of plants" because they contain many natural chemicals, the plant from which they are extracted, which can be used as a home remedy in many situations. In fact, aromatherapy is a very old technique that uses essential oils for therapeutic purposes, both physically and emotionally. Although we can also use their excellent properties in the area of ​​home or cosmetics.

The base notes, bottom notes or base notes, are supporting or reinforcing notes, they will be the background of the perfume, it will be the last and long fragrance of the perfume. They are stubborn and less volatile odors. They begin to be appreciated when the middle notes are ending. In a quality perfume, these base notes should end a few hours later than the average ones, even a day or two. They usually consist of animal products, woods, resins, or crystalline components.

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