For professionals artisanal soap and cosmetics

Are you a teacher of soap? How traditional cosmetics? How aromatherapy or herbal medicine? Then this interests you ...


In “La Despensa del Jabón”  We are creating an information service to users of our site in which we recommend to professionals who lecture in various activities that include the soap and natural cosmetics. In turn also teachers aromatherapy, herbal medicine and natural therapies.


We want to connect our customers and fans around the world in learning from our entire knowledge of the subject, are those trainers who love their profession, have proven with hours of practical workshops and experience, as well as people skills to impart knowledge.


In “La Despensa del Jabón” We want all people have opportunities to learn and develop their wishes artisanal soapmaking and cosmetics. For this purpose we make available to industry professionals a section on our website which will be called COURSES. The same is divided by country (currently SPAIN, PORTUGAL, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, COLOMBIA AND PUERTO RICO). Each country will have a division by capital / state / province depending on the availability of teachers in this sector.


What I have to do to participate?


If you're a teacher and you want to participate you must own a blog or web related to the topic: Jabonería, Natural Cosmetics or others.

1 You must send an email to with the following information:

2- Introduce yourself and tell us about your workshops, courses and workshops do not leave nothing out. As they are? How long they are? What processes do you teach? etc

3. Do not forget to send your full name, address, phone, email.

4- Link to your website or blog

3) Five of your best photos in jpeg format. 640 * 480 pixels

From this moment exchange emails that take us to clarify doubts both ways. We seek the best way to boost your courses!


What do I get in return?

With “La Despensa del Jabón”  get visibility and a serious platform that grows every day, if you're chosen you dotaremos with our symbol of "Professional Recommended" you must put on your website with a link to the Pantry Soap. This symbol will give recognition, you mean you have a business that relies on your work and wants to recognize as such.

1 - You will have a page on our website (which update us) with all data and updates that you send us. Up to you to send us the relevant information, with the assiduity that you think, so we can update your page. With a 24/48 hrs. You have the available update.

2- Your course may appear anywhere on the main page of the web in paragraph course of the month.

3 - Every month we will promote existing courses on our website (as a whole), in social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ yet.

The “La Despensa del Jabón”  does not create any labor or economic bond with the professional. We will not sell your courses, nor will prices on our website, our interest is to inform our customers and supporters and they decide and discuss the options, it will be the customer's decision which decline the balance in favor of the course that you like, you is closer to your city or most suits your needs.

The “La Despensa del Jabón”  reserves the right not to publish or delete your web data does not meet the criteria of seriousness and responsibility that our customers and fans deserve. Note that they are the most important to us.

NOTE: Professional first six who meet all the requirements will be the first to benefit from visibility in May 2016, this is not a standard, but as we first started the project we need a minimum of professionals to put on our website principal.


To end....

If you've come this far and are still interested in participating "Soap Pantry" opens up arms in this journey. If your path joins ours is for sure are working, persistent and successful person you want to recommend. Thank you very much for participating!


tel: +34 944 657 841




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