LadesDyeBox Nº1 - Soap 20% donkey milk

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LadesDyeBox Nº1 - Soap 20% donkey milk

Try the best recipes and the latest skin and hair care products carefully selected and tested by our team of professionals. Our LadesDyeBox Nº1 will allow you to experience the powerful anti-aging and healing properties of donkey milk as it contains essential fatty acids. These fatty acids reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help regenerate damaged skin. It radiates sophistication and style like a real soap made by you! Shine, delight yourself and join the club of handmade soaps and natural cosmetics.

LadesDyeBox Nº1 includes:

- Recipe with elaboration procedure

Protection and safety material
- Nitrile gloves 2 units
- Mask 1 unit
- Protective apron 1 unit

- Basic mold capacity 350 grs - 1 unit
- Vegetable paper sheet 1 unit

- Cotton Oil 30 ml
- Rice Oil 30 ml
- Jojoba Wax - ECOCERT 20 grs
- Virgin Coconut Oil 1º Pressure 50 grs
- Shea Butter (Ecocert) 50 grams
- ECO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 125 ml
- Powdered donkey milk 25 grs
- Demineralized water 125 ml
- Soda PQS 30 grs
- Litsea Cubeba essential oil 10 ml
- Lavender essential oil 10 ml

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